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Monetizing Customer Success

Be Intentional, but don’t get Greedy

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You and your customers are all winners when you deliver the value they need and they, in turn, are happy to invest in the partnership. Customer Success can be the model for creating this win-win-win relationship: 

- Customers win because they reach their desired outcomes
- You win because your customers become loyal and referenceable
- You win (again) because your Customer Success function becomes self-funded

While fine-tuning what you offer, how you package it, and finding the right resources for the job are challenging, the end results of building a high-value offering of expert services for your customers is worth the work.

Watch John Warne, VP of Customer Advocacy at Bolstra, as he shares his perspective on why monetization is so important, which organizations are best suited to build a profitable CS model, and how to move forward in chartering your team. (Hint: Greediness will kill the best-laid plans.)